hydra is a beggining version of cygni armor becuase it deppends on speed not hp you gain speed unlike cygni armor it doesnt have a weapon pow increaser wich means non of your weapons get power unlike cygni it can gain 20% rpg power hydri is recomended for capture the flag beggining users becuase its speed to chase the player who has the flag hydras stats are deffense poor speed superb suit bonus 1 speed NOT suited for boss battles due to its hp the only armor suitable for boss battles is atleast titan its suitable for wrath of the mantis and the one suitable for posion pit is thunder armor due to its ability the suited armor for siegfried is peguases the one suited for double rages is pheonix,cygni and chaos the suited armor for the serpent is only suitable for high hp armors such as andreomada,persues,chaos,pheonix,cygni and dec.24